Artist's Statement

I must have written my first artist's statement some 12 years ago when I began my foundation course at Ravensbourne (it is still there, in Bromley). Many have followed - at the Winchester School of Art and then for my MA at the Kent Institute of Art & Design (now contextualising under a different name). Each subsequent show and exhibition and website (like this one) has required a new take, a fresh understanding of Abstract Landscapes/Seascape painting. But all my work returns to its same origins in the skies and seas of North Devon. This part of England still fills and thrills me through and through, and I hope it shows. I take a lot of photographs these days (mostly wildlife!). But no image does it for me like the one which ends up on the canvas. It is as if all the skies and the seas and the fantastic colours which I have ever seen have somehow trickled through a subterranean world of caves and tunnels deep within me before, once again, reaching the light. Abstract painting, it seems to me, is the returning of life to Life. And it is my living after all!

Emily Clark

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